Remote Management

Do you struggle keeping your computer running smoothly ? 
Do you need Antivirus Software that will protect you ? 
Are you tired of paying big money to get it fixed all the time ? 
Well i have good news for you if you answered yes to any off these questions. 
Watch these videos to Explain what we do. 

Bradford Pc Repair is now offering Remote management. 

Service included: 
Windows Update Managed 
Antivirus Managed 
Remote Support 

Cost For Services. 


Antivirus managed 


Per Year 
  • Managed antivirus Software 
  • $65 Required at start off service. 
  • Clean install of windows must be done before starting service 1 time fee off 100.00 

Starter Remote Management 


Per Year 
  • Managed Antivirus 
  • Managed Windows Updates 
  • Early hardware Detection. 
  • Remote Support (2 Times Per Month ) 
  • Requires $65  at Start off service plus 1st month  of $21.00 

Family Remote Management 


Per Month
  • Managed Antivirus for  3 machines 
  • Managed Windows Updates for 3 Machines 
  • Remote Support (4 Times Per Month ) 
  • Requires $110.00  Deposit plus 1st Month  Fee off $100.00. 
  • Any Remote sessions after the four per month is billed at $50.00 per issue. 






  • Bradford Pc Repair requires all customers to pay there agreed contract on time. Failure to pay on time can result in drop service.
  • Customers are required to keep machines connected to internet in order to provide 100% quality service.
  • Customers will be provided a copy off contract and what is expected off them.